Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuition 2009-2010 (Part 2)

Edits in red.
Just a brief update given some comments in the previous 2009-2010 yeshiva tuition post.  Tuition is calculated in the same manner as the previous post.

Pre-K $10,050
K $12,255
1st $12,255
2nd $12,255
3rd $12,255
4th $12,255
5th $12,255
6th $13,425
7th $13,425
8th $13,425
Family (Yearly) $1,625
Family (Once) $8,000

Tuition for Jewish Foundation School: $6,500 (no busing), $7,500 (local busing) and $8,500 (Bergen County busing).
Tuition for Yeshiva University High School for Boys: $21,790 (9-12).

1) Tuition for RYNJ is confirmed and accurate.
2) Tuition for Noam is unconfirmed.
3) Tuition for JFS is semi-confirmed (no official confirmation, but numbers seem correct).

Also, it was asked in the previous thread whether the HAFTR building fund of $1,500 is yearly or one time only.  I admit I was too hasty to say it was one time only.  It is unclear at best, and is likely a yearly obligation.  I invite someone in the know to clarify the issue.  HAFTR tuition can be found online here.


Anonymous said...

Any knowledge of the registration and other assorted "junk fees?"

Tuition Talk said...

Not sure what you mean. Can you clarify?

Anonymous said...

"Registration" seems to apply equally to all of them, and can easily be $1,000. What a racket. I understand YNJ has a "security fee" of several hundred dollars per family. There could also be "scrip"

Tuition Talk said...

I included registration fees in the tuition amount for each grade. Yearly "per family" fees such as scrip, security, dinner obligations, etc are summed up as well.

Personally, I don't think the breakdown is important, only the total amount due is relevant. These miscellaneous fees with different names just confuse the matter and make it harder to compare apples to apples.

Anonymous said...

if you have one child in ynj and pay for 6-8 grade - it is $15,050 + the building fund - THIS IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN MANY HIGHSCHOOLS !!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you want those breakdowns, look in the comments under the original post.

For comparison's sake, can you post the big 3 or 4 elementary schools side by side, please?

James said...

Do you have any information about schools in the Bronx or Manhattan?

ProfK said...

The JFS figure is tuition plus the cost of bussing. If you carpool your kids to school, which some do locally, the cost is $1000 a year less locally and $2000 a year less for out of the area parents.

Anonymous said...

RYNJ just mailed out requests for $950 application fee and will not tell us what tuition will be until the spring. they state that it is common courtesy for parents to send in the application fee on time apparently they do not think it is common courtesy for the yeshiva to tell parents what the tuition will be before they commit to another year of tuition

Anonymous said...

and if you do not send it in bfore they reveal tuition they will raise it to $1,100 and thereafter to $1,350

Avi said...

Does JFS have a building fund? Mandatory dinner? Scrip? Security fee?

Tuition Talk said...

As far as I know and from what several people have said: "no" the tuition fee is a flat fee that covers everything.

If anyone has different information or can verify, please do.

I also heard that there was supposed to be (or was) an open house for JFS targeted to Bergen County parents and it was poorly attended. Would like more information on this as well if anyone knows.

ProfK said...

Someone from Brooklyn who was at that JFS open house aimed at BC families told me that there were only 4 BC families in attendance. He had no info on whether or not those four families decided to send to JFS.

Tuition Talk said...


It seems no one has ever heard the phrase "God helps those who help themselves."

Anonymous said...

I send to JFS(two kids). there are no hidden fees, tuition is calculated as an aggregate figure.Of course, there are occasional trips, gifts to teachers during the YT,etc.However, all these are optional and there is FA available.I am very happy with the school

Anonymous said...

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